As a child in the 1980’s I owned a sticker book and loved to collect and trade stickers with my neighborhood friends, including one of my lifelong best friends, Missy. Missy, six months older than me, lived right next door. We met at age 5 during a cold Cleveland winter. I remember the first time we met, I waddled over to her house, bundled up almost too tight to walk, and we hung out and talked by her frozen vegetable garden. During those cold winter months, the spark of a decades long friendship began. Missy and I, along with other neighborhood friends, would spend whole afternoons (outdoors if the weather was right) rearranging our stickers, decorating our sticker book pages and making trades. Remembering how much I loved collecting and trading stickers with my friends, I wanted my two young daughters and their friends to have the same special time together and authentic connection to the natural world. And so the story of this company begins with friendship.

As a child my favorite story was The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and it is still one of my favorites. In this story there is a fox character (it is said that this fox was modeled after a Fennec Fox, a pet the author once loved).  The fox utters many wise thoughts, including: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” The Little Prince comes to question why many grown-ups lose the ability to see with their heart, forget their child within and fail to smell the roses.  Fayvel™ brand is inspired by this fox, the story of The Little Prince and seeing rightly with our hearts.  

Do you remember someone, something or some idea that you once loved as a child? Has it shaped who you are today? Would you consider that who we love and what we love helps to shape the people we are? And to love something is to give it and us meaning? Kids seem to spend a lot of time of figuring out who they are or who they want to be through playing. I often watch my two daughters, London and Farah, lose themselves in a world of make-believe. They spend time “trying on” certain roles and ideas. Some of these ideas will stick, even after they are all grown-up. How we spend our time, the dreams we weave and the things we love as children are unique and special and become a part of us. It is my vision that Fayvel™ becomes a reminder to parents and child alike to never forget who you are, little *star*.

*This brand is dedicated to all of the firemen, farmers, super heroes, policemen, princes, backyard adventurers, astronauts, World Cup soccer stars, sea captains, dog lovers, cat lovers, rock stars, home run hitters, circus performers, princesses, playground swashbucklers, entomologists, jokesters, unicorn whisperers, heart surgeons, sidewalk artists, mad scientists, bad guys, good guys, budding entrepreneurs, knights, fashionistas, hockey players, marine biologists, butterfly chasers, starting quarterbacks, aviators, presidents, bubble blowers, Olympic gold medalists, actors, actresses, rumba shakers, teachers, kings, queens, ballet dancers, equestrians, villains, nurses, alligator wrestlers, singers, star gazers, ice skaters, race car drivers, story tellers, painters, skateboarders, bankers, archaeologists, confectioners, mountain climbers, wizards, superstar slam dunksters, fairies, cowboys and cowgirls that live in all of our hearts.*